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The International Governing Body for Taiho Jutsu

Thank you for visiting the internet home of the International Taiho Jutsu Federation (ITJF), a non-profit corporation. The International Taiho Jutsu Federation is the international governing body for Taiho Jutsu. This website is intended as your source of information on Taiho Jutsu and the ITJF.

Mission Statement
The mission of the International Taiho Jutsu Federation is to bring under one international umbrella organization, in compliance with the many practitioners of Taiho Jutsu who are working or have worked in this jutsu. As a jutsu, we practice an art (Gei), science and series of techniques rooted in a tradition. It is only after long years of practice, training and study that one becomes adept in Taiho Jutsu since it requires a mastery of a combination of techniques taken from disciples — both ancient and modern. Different practitioners will be bound to observe conventions of both law and practice specific to their military or police organizations. The core elements have been developed from the Japanese and modified, where necessary, to meet the realities of each organization.