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Sankyu — 3rd Class
Brown Belt with Rank Patch

Body Movement (Tai Sabaki Waza, Kuzushi)
Entering Behind/Front to Collar
Combative Ready Stance
In Front of
Rear/Behind Movement

Striking Techniques (Ate Waza, Uchi Waza, Uchi Tsiko)
Fore Fist
Seiken Uchi
Double Fist
Morote Uchi
Double Fore Fist
Morote Seiken Uchi
Swing Punch
Furi Uchi
Lunge Punch
Oi Zuki
Heel Palm Strike
Teisho Uchi
Bear Paw Strike
Kumade Uchi

Blocking Techniques (Uke Waza)
High Block
Koukuu Uke
Cross Block
Double Forearm Block
Side Block
In-Out Block
High “X” Block
Out-In Forearm Block

Vital Point Techniques and Pressure Points (Atemi Waza)
Back/Inner Shoulder Blade
Lower Mid Section Back
Quadriceps Thighs/Front
Side Thighs
Side Knees

Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu Waza)
Pressing Wrist Lock
Kote Jime
Fingers (
Elbow Press
Ude Osae
Elbow Lock
Ude Gatame
Inward Wrist Lock
Kote Hineri
Outward Wrist Lock
Kote Gaeshi
Cross Arm Lock
Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame
Leg-Arm Lock
Ude Hishigi Ashi Gatame

Strangulation Techniques (Shime Waza)
Renji Grasp — Extreme Control
Single Lapel Cross Choke
Pressure From Back
Single Wing Choke
Kata Ha Jime
Normal Cross Lock
Nami Juji Jime
Reverse Cross Lock
Gyaku Juji Jime
Naked Choke Lock
Hadaka Jime
Two Hand Neck Lock
Ryote Jime

Gripping Techniques (Kumi Kata )
Kumi Te
Sleeve Grips — Above Uki’s Elbow With Pulling
Hi Kite
Lapel Or Collar Grip — Pulling Or Pushing
Opposite Grips
Same Grip Used By Tori/Uki
Ai Yotsu
One Sleeve Grip — High/Low Pull-In
Kata Sode
Under Elbow Grip
Two Lapel Grip
Morote Eri Kumite
Single Lapel Grip
Ippon Morote Eri
Under or Reverse
Ura De Toru Tokoro
Reverse Grip
Gyaku Hi Toru Tokoro
Outer Grip
O Mote De Toru Tokoro
Normal/Regular Grip
Funi Toru Tokoro
Sleeve-End Grip
Funi Tekubi Toru Tokoro
Grasp Material in Armpit for Control
Waki Kata Kumi
Chest-Level Grip
Eri Mune Kumi
Enter Body Lapel Grip
Eri Mannaka Kumi
Rear Center Collar Grip
Ushiro Eri Mannaka Kumi
Under Arm Center Of Back Grip
Senaka Mannaka Kumi
Over Shoulder Rear To Center Of Back
Kata Senaka Mannaka Kumi
As Used In Obi Otoshi
Obi Mannaka Kumi
Reverse Hand Front Belt Grip
Ushiro Obi Senaka Kumi

Throwing Techniques (Nage Waza)
Floating Hip
Uki Goshi
Rear Hip Throw
Ushiro Goshi
Major Wheel
O Guruma
Sliding Foot Sweep
Okuri Ashi Harai
Two Arm Throw
Morote Seoinage
Advance Foot Sweep
De Ashi Harai
Spring Hip Throw
Hane Goshi