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Rank Requirements

At increasing levels of skill, all practitioners of Taiho Jutsu must work toward achieving a mastery of certain fundamental techniques. For each rank, each of the following areas will be stressed with an expectation of a progression of skill and understanding.

The International Taiho Jutsu Rank System is divided into sixteen separate divisions of training to include:
1. Posture, Stances and Breakfalls Tachi Waza and Ukemi
2. Body Movement Tai Sabaki Waza, Kuzushi
3. Striking Techniques Ate Waza, Uchi Waza, Uchi Tsiko
4. Kicking Techniques Keri Waza
5. Blocking Techniques Uke Waza
6. Vital Point Techniques
and Pressure Points
Atemi Waza
7. Joint Locking Techniques Kansetsu Waza
8. Counter Techniques Gyaku Waza
9. Strangulation Techniques Shime Waza
10. Holding Techniques Osae Waza
11. Arresting Techniques Taiho Waza
12. Defense Against Weapons Bogyo Senjutsu
13. Throwing Techniques Nage Waza
14. Self-Defense Techniques:
counters, escapes, avoidance
Kaeshi, Fusegi, Furimi
15. Use of Specialized Weapons Keii, handcuffs, plastic ties
16. Special Considerations Defense against the gun, knife, and the club

Please click on each rank for requirements.
Rank Requirements by Belt
(White Belt)
Rank Increment Belt
New Student Kyu White Belt
10th Class Ju kyu White Belt
9th Class Ku Kyu White Belt
8th Class Hachi Kyu Yellow Belt
7th Class Shichi Kyu Yellow Belt
6th Class Ro Kyu Blue Belt
5th Class Go Kyu Green Belt
4th Class Yon Kyu Green Belt

Kyu Grades
(Brown Belt)
Rank Increment Explanation
3rd Class Sankyu Brown Belt
2nd Class Nikyu Brown Belt
1st Class Ikkyu Brown Belt

Dan Grades
(Black Belt)
Rank Increment Explanation
1st Grade Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt
2nd Grade Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt
Sensei Level
3rd Grade Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt
4th Grade Yodan
Red/Black Panel
4th Degree Black Belt
Master Level
5th Grade Godan
Red/Black Panel
5th Degree Black Belt
6th Grade Rokudan
Red/White Panel
6th Degree Black Belt
7th Grade Shichidan
Red/White Panel
7th Degree Black Belt
8th Grade Hichidan
Red/White Panel
8th Degree Black Belt
Grand Master
9th Grade Kudan
Red Belt
9th Degree Black Belt
10th Grade Judan
Red Belt
10th Degree Black Belt

A small reminder to all belt ranks, all titles are placed after a name in martial arts, for example: Y.Takahashi Shidoshi, Never is it written or stated as Shidoshi Takahashi. Rank does not precede the person; the person precedes the rank.