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Ju Kyu—10th Class
Yellow or White Belt with Rank Patch

• Must be at least 16 years old.

• Basic knowledge of rules, hygiene and procedures.

• Regular training and attendance must be fully current in all membership and insurance.

• Minimum time in grade and training requirement as a 10th Class is three months.

General Knowledge
Origin of Taiho Jutsu
Translation of Taiho Jutsu
Official System of Taiho Jutsu as Required by ITJF

Posture, Stances and Breakfalls (Tachi Waza and Ukemi Waza)
  Front Fall Mae Ukemi
  Back Fall Koho Ukemi

Kicking Techniques (Keri Waza)
  Front Snap Kick Mae Geri Keage
  Side Kick Yoko Geri Keage

Blocking Techniques (Uke Waza)
  Back Fist Block Uraken Uke
  Uppercut Block Uchi Oroshi Uke
  Fist Strike Block Seiken Uke
  Knife Edge Block Suto Uke
  Heel Palm Strike Block Teisho Uke
  Leg Hook Ashi Kake Uke
  Double “X” Block Morote Juji Uke

Vital Point Techniques and Pressure Points (Kyusho Waza)
  Upper Forearm Quadriceps  
  Lower Biceps Quadriceps  
  Rear Elbow Ushiro Hiji, Ushiro Empi

Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu Waza)
  Arm Wrap Ude Gatame
  Armpit Lock Waki Gatame

Strangulation Techniques (Shime Waza)
  Naked Strangle Hadaka Jime
  One Wing Strangle Kataha Jime

Pinning (Katami Waza)
  Scarf Hold Kesa Gatame
  Shoulder Hold Kata Gatame

Throwing Techniques (Tachi Waza)
  Outside Reaping Throw Osoto Gari
  Cross Straight Armlock Ippon Seio-Nagi

Self-defense Techniques and Special Considerations