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Kyu—New Student
White Belt

Age requirement: must be 16 years old, sound moral character, membership approved, insurance, current membership to include birth certificate, picture and registration form.
Must learn basic knowledge of dojo rules and hygiene.
Must have two months in grade to be eligible for promotion to 10th class Ju Kyu (This may be waived if student is cross trained in Judo/Ju Jitsu/Karate and must be determined by the Dojo Sensei.)
Must be fully current in all membership and insurance.

General Knowledge
  Organization of Taiho Jutsu and its Mission

Falling Techniques (Ukemi Waza))
  Back Fall Koho Ukemi
  Front Fall Mae Ukemi
  Side Fall — Left/Right Side Yoko Ukemi
  Front Rolling Fall — Left/Right Zempo Kaiten Ukemi
  Rear Fall with Continual Motion Back to a Stance — Left/Right Kaiten Ukemi

Gripping Techniques (Kumi Kata)
  Sleeve Grip Hikite
  Opposite Grips Kenka Yotsu
  Same Or Equal Grip Ai Yotsu
  Basic Stances Dachi Waza
  Defense Hon Jigo Tai
  Offense Jiyu Dachi
  Entry Types Kata
  Step In Fumi Komi
  Dash In Oi Komi
  Jump In Tobi Komi