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Nidan — 2nd Degree Black Belt
Belt may be Black or Red/White Panel with with Rank Patch

Understand Advanced Theories of:
  Understand Advanced Theories of:
  Mental Calm Mizu No Kokoru
  Self Control Technical Requirements Waza

Technical Requirements
  Throwing Techniques Tachi Waza
  Striking Techniques Uchi Waza
  Kicking Techniques Keri Waza
  Blocking Techniques Uke Waza
  Avoidance Techniques Sukashi Waza
  Counter Techniques Kaeshi Waza
  Strangulation Techniques Shime Waza
  Blocking Techniques Kansetsu Waza
  Holding/Pinning Techniques Katami Waza
  Vital Point Techniques and Pressure Points Kyusho Waza
  Falling Techniques Ukemi Waza
  Baton Techniques Ukire Waza
  Handcuffing Techniques Seijo Waza
  Flashlight Techniques Dento Waza
  Defense against the Knife and Gun  
  Joint Locking Techniques Kansetsu Waza

Special Considerations:
  6th degree candidate must be able to understand/teach/demonstrate all the above techniques either singly or as a combination of several techniques.